We, Carlo Zandee & Paulien Doedee were lucky to be selected to build our self-designed modular house in Minitopia Den Bosch. A project supported by both the government and a foundation to experiment with temporary solutions amongst housing and living. 

So, how the … did we end up subscribing for such a project? Well first of all, we are both creatives, working hard to be able to do what we love most: creating and designing our ideas. We ended up in an industry which is quite saturated. Nothing bad at all, yet, in some cases this means that you have to show some perseverance to stand out in some way. 

The other reason why we subscribed, is that we wouldn’t be able to invest in our future if we would have chosen to rent a place in Den Bosch. That would have meant that everything we earned would disappear in monthly costs for a regular place to live. Being quite stubborn in that sense we became determined to find another way to create our dreams. 

It all seemed to be too good to be true. We had a look online trying to find tiny house projects and found out that Minitopia was developing a phase 2, IN DEN BOSCH. The registration had to be done in 2 days, so we were just – in – time! Only one week later we received an invitation to pitch our design – the week after. Christ… we had no design yet!! What do we do? Well we do.

Blood-pressure risen skyrocket, yet we made it! Verkas was born. We designed a house surrounded by a green-house inspired Aframe. Carlo and I loved the idea of a semi-outdoor space which we could adapt to our needs. The Aframe is a separate construction which will be movable. This makes that we can adjust to seasonal preferences and play with incoming light. Next stept? Planning, planning, making and learning. 

Want to help us out?

Follow our project via instagram or via this website or give us a call / send us an email if you have anything you can help us with. 

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