DOEDEE DESIGN is a young, small scale design studio based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Besides developing 3D product- and spatial design visuals, we offer full service on interior design, such as kitchen- and bathroom renovations. Our drive is to be helpful by personal and positive contact, so that the process towards a dream home will be remembered as pleasant journey.

Read more about our interior project management on our webpage ‘services’.

We believe that there are people who care about the environment and are willing to adapt durable or even reused materials in their designed home. The only thing that is often missing, is the possibility to choose. Our pragmatic approach towards design enables this. Reuse takes time, yet it brings new life into products or materials that otherwise would have been thrown away.

light | texture | shape | scenic | balance | natural

Founder of Doedee Design is Paulien Doedee, Product Designer and creative. She studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Her initial choice for Fashion Design took a turn into Product Design, yet her love for textile and fine materials is still visible in her style. The scale of her designs kept growing during her studies leading to the eventual preference for interior styling and spatial design.

“During my internship in Australia I developed skills and tools to give shape to my spatial designs, such as 3D modelling and product development. This allows me to visualise my impressions and concepts into tangible perspectives.

My focus for the upcoming years will be on Spatial Design, looking at a space from a Product Design point of view. I namely believe that the way we live will be strongly revised in the upcoming years. We can’t keep consuming the way we do now. Within the revised way of living we won’t need as much space as we surround ourselves with now. I want to leave what is unused and add quality. Form follows function.”

We have been selected to design and build a modular house ourselves. Follow the development of the project on the blog page of this website and via instagram.