When was the last time you lost track of time? Have you ever wondered how an hour can either fly by or go very slowly? These questions made me think about our experience of what we call time. Project Timeframe is a result of research to various topics amongst the sequential clock in relation to our biological clock.

Our sense of time and our capacity to predict what time it is lies more closely to nature than you would think initially. Our body clock works, like almost any other organism on earth, in connection to the blue wavelengths of light.  Therefore our body clock is also sensitive for various digital and technical factors that are embedded in our daily environment. This disturbs numerous biological processes in our body.

Living in a society where technology seems to overrule us, I wondered, like Charly Chaplin did years ago: isn’t technology going too fast? Can we keep up with the speed technology is developing in? I believe that, from a biological perspective, we are being surpassed.

Everything we observe in nature, makes sense. Everything we see is evolved to survive. Nature in that sense, doesn’t make mistakes. This makes that how we observe things naturally also has its influence on us. In that sense we are grown to be one with every natural phenomenon we know. The sky is blue, so we must function in connected to this blue sky. Nature makes sense, otherwise it wouldn’t exist or wouldn’t be visible or tangible to us.

Timeframe is a clock that works in relation to our natural sense of time. We all are able to estimate the time quite precisely, so why wouldn’t we trust more on these natural factors and listen to our bodies more closely in situations where we are able to. During leisure for example. Let’s not get captured by the chronological sequential clock we are familiar with. Go outside more often if you experience stress and allow yourself to function in relation to daylight, to your biological clock. It doesn’t take any time.

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